Alex Mercer’s Leather Jacket

Alexander J. Mercer, also known as The Prototype, was the former head researcher of Blacklight project at Gentek. His teammates and other scientist are being systematically murdered by Blackwatch. He tried to flee the city the sample of his research in a vial. Mercer smashed the vial in Penn Station and unleashed the deadly virus. This virus eventually covered all Manhattan Island. Alex Mercer has no recollection of his past after waking at Gentek facility; he soon discovered his new abilities and power. He utilizes his powers as he gnarled all of New York for those responsible.

Ability and Powers
After being affected by Blacklight virus, every particle including his equipment and clothing becomes comprise utterly of viral biomass. This substance can absorb the organic matter of other living things and can be manipulated at will. This process regenerates Mercer’s health. Mercer can also consume individual’s skills, knowledge, and even their physical appearance. He can generate armor to defend him and can manipulate his physical form to create weapons

Physical Powers

Mercer infection has granted him the ability to both fashions his body into weapons and shapeshift. His Blade resembles a giant sharp blade. His Whip fist has small razor blades across its spine like form. He has the ability to consume abilities and knowledge of an infected creature.

Superhuman Strength:
He has an incredible strength that allows him to lift and destroy tank turrets, trucks, helicopters and cars. He can also throw them at the great distance. He can also punch and make holes in reinforced steel doors.

Superhuman Speed:
He can run up the walls and can achieve running surpassing any vehicles including helicopters.

Superhuman Agility:
Mercer’s leg strength allows him to leap nearly ten stories into the air. He can perform amazing flips and rolls.

Superhuman Endurance:
Mercer’s body no longer possesses weak vital organs and bones. This allows him to survive falls from any height. Damage made by bullets can heal instantly. He can withstand direct hits from hellfire missiles, rockets and tank shells.

Healing Factor:
Mercer’s body can restore health and heal wounds within moments as long as he is properly nourished. His body has vast powers of self-regeneration. He can regenerate bullet wounds instantly after being shot.

Superhuman Sense:
His vision and hearing were also enhanced allowing him to hear across great distances and see beyond the visible spectrum. He also has thermal vision due to which he can locate the source of heat. He can also detect a large concentration of virus.

Mercer’s body can survive tremendous blunt trauma and he can also survive through collapsing fall of the building and he can walk out of the rubble. He can also take a shot from a rocket launcher and only be pushed back a little.

Offensive Powers:
Mercer can create various blades and clubs in combat using biomass.

Defensive Powers:
Mercer has two forms of defense, the Armor, and the Shield. He uses these powers to guard him against enemy weapons and attack.

Virus from Blacklight project can take anybody’s form, through consumption. In its typical form it looks identical to deceased Alex Mercer. Mercer has very pale skin, he has the light blue eye but his eyes constantly have a sickly gray tinting around them.

He has curly brown hair which he kept slicked back. Alex Mercer Jacket was very important part of his clothing. He wears a button-up shirt, a plain gray hoodie and a black leather jacket with a red tribal design on the back. He wears plain blue jeans and black shoes. Mercer was unable to take off his clothing without shapeshifting because it was the part of his anatomy. Biomass only mimics clothing which was organic matter but Mercer also can consume non-organic matter and he can also use electronic equipment.

Mercer’s veins glow bright orange when he uses any of his offensive powers. During his final battle, Mercer’s slender appearance changed into the muscular-sized build and he grew taller. His claws were always out throughout his fight and both of his irises glow crimson red which was the result of his enhanced powers.