Booboo Stewart Descendants Leather Vest

Booboo Stewart Descendants Leather Vest

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  • Collar: Notch collar
  • Material: Real leather
  • Internal: Viscos lining
  • Pockets: Side waist pockets
  • Closure: Asymmetrical zip conclusion
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Descendants Booboo Steward Jay Leather Vest

In the present day the Auradon and Ben, the particular kind teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offer another chance of improvement. The material of the vest is made of real leather which forms the new fashion and excellent looking item used in the movie. The name of the vest used by Booboo Stewart is Jay Descendants Leather Vest and it looks good on him. Best suit for its role in the movie the Descendants is matching with the costume worn by most people who want to look good with this wearable. The use of an internally built viscose lining is the best solution for the item used by the movie actor in this movie. This feature usually keeps the person using the costume to stay warm and cozy in the cold weather. The upper part of the item has a collar or rather a Notch collar which is an ideal and suitable neck brace for the costume itself. A closure has an asymmetrical zip conclusion with closures for the wearable to fasten. The item also has side waist pockets to complete all the features in it.


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