Café Racer Roy Brown Suede Leather Jacket

Café Racer Roy Brown Suede Leather Jacket

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$269.00 $170.00


  • Brown color
  • Zipper cuffs
  • Suede leather
  • Inner soft lining
  • Snap tab collar
  • Front zipper closure
  • Front zipper pockets

Roy Harper Café Racer Suede Leather Jacket

It is made in the latest fashion and it is the item which is also of suede fashion as the name of the jacket is Cafe Racer Roy Brown Suede Leather Jacket. It is the best and ideal jacket with the latest fashion to use for casual or formal use. The jacket to wear has the front zipper closure which is to fasten the item from the front with the warmth inside and is the best fastening for the jacket. The zipper cuffs are found on the hands and make this jacket fasten on and above the hands. The costume is a suede leather jacket and it is the most suitable one usable for regular and formal purposes. More inner soft linings are present in the costume and are a reason to keep yourself warm in the winter cold weather. This snap tab collar is an addition that is extra and inclusive on the neck of the item. Front zipper pockets also exist with the jacket and this wearable has a way of closing with added zips in it. This jacket is of brown color and it is what gives it a beautiful look.


  1. The leather material has a nice weight and feels to it. We had to face only issue that was regarding the delay in delivery. I was told that i would receive jacket in 1 day after order confirmation but despite it took 2 days but I am impressed with the quality of Leather Jacket.

  2. It is this store that I want to award full points for their efficient service.

  3. There is no season for buying through The Leather Makers I buy with profits at any time during the year.

  4. These jackets provide me discounts on shipping my parcel, I recommend it for you as well.

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