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Alex Mercer’s Leather Jacket

Alexander J. Mercer, also known as The Prototype, was the former head researcher of Blacklight project at Gentek. His teammates and other scientist are being systematically murdered by Blackwatch. He tried to flee the city the sample of his research in a vial. Mercer smashed the vial in Penn Station and unleashed the deadly virus. This virus eventually covered all Manhattan Island. Alex Mercer has no recollection of his past after waking at Gentek facility; he soon discovered his new abilities and power. He utilizes his powers as he gnarled all of New York for those responsible.

Ability and Powers
After being affected by Blacklight virus, every particle including his equipment and clothing becomes comprise utterly of viral biomass. This substance can absorb the organic matter of other living things and can be manipulated at will. This process regenerates Mercer’s health. Mercer can also consume individual’s skills, knowledge, and even their physical appearance. He can generate armor to defend him and can manipulate his physical form to create weapons

Physical Powers

Mercer infection has granted him the ability to both fashions his body into weapons and shapeshift. His Blade resembles a giant sharp blade. His Whip fist has small razor blades across its spine like form. He has the ability to consume abilities and knowledge of an infected creature.

Superhuman Strength:
He has an incredible strength that allows him to lift and destroy tank turrets, trucks, helicopters and cars. He can also throw them at the great distance. He can also punch and make holes in reinforced steel doors.

Superhuman Speed:
He can run up the walls and can achieve running surpassing any vehicles including helicopters.

Superhuman Agility:
Mercer’s leg strength allows him to leap nearly ten stories into the air. He can perform amazing flips and rolls.

Superhuman Endurance:
Mercer’s body no longer possesses weak vital organs and bones. This allows him to survive falls from any height. Damage made by bullets can heal instantly. He can withstand direct hits from hellfire missiles, rockets and tank shells.

Healing Factor:
Mercer’s body can restore health and heal wounds within moments as long as he is properly nourished. His body has vast powers of self-regeneration. He can regenerate bullet wounds instantly after being shot.

Superhuman Sense:
His vision and hearing were also enhanced allowing him to hear across great distances and see beyond the visible spectrum. He also has thermal vision due to which he can locate the source of heat. He can also detect a large concentration of virus.

Mercer’s body can survive tremendous blunt trauma and he can also survive through collapsing fall of the building and he can walk out of the rubble. He can also take a shot from a rocket launcher and only be pushed back a little.

Offensive Powers:
Mercer can create various blades and clubs in combat using biomass.

Defensive Powers:
Mercer has two forms of defense, the Armor, and the Shield. He uses these powers to guard him against enemy weapons and attack.

Virus from Blacklight project can take anybody’s form, through consumption. In its typical form it looks identical to deceased Alex Mercer. Mercer has very pale skin, he has the light blue eye but his eyes constantly have a sickly gray tinting around them.

He has curly brown hair which he kept slicked back. Alex Mercer Jacket was very important part of his clothing. He wears a button-up shirt, a plain gray hoodie and a black leather jacket with a red tribal design on the back. He wears plain blue jeans and black shoes. Mercer was unable to take off his clothing without shapeshifting because it was the part of his anatomy. Biomass only mimics clothing which was organic matter but Mercer also can consume non-organic matter and he can also use electronic equipment.

Mercer’s veins glow bright orange when he uses any of his offensive powers. During his final battle, Mercer’s slender appearance changed into the muscular-sized build and he grew taller. His claws were always out throughout his fight and both of his irises glow crimson red which was the result of his enhanced powers.

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How to Distressed a Leather Jacket

Fashion is something vicious, for it engenders progress without determination, and replica without assistance. Overcoats or distressed leather jackets are enduring fashion of the fashion humanity that has riveted every age group, approximately becoming a temporary stage, from youthful to adulthood. That is almost certainly a true reality except there is single such trend piece that yet George Santayana, the essayist, and poet, would thank the vicious, luckily, imitable and irrational world of trend for coming up with is the amazingly dazzling thoughtful of troubled leather jackets. It may seem to look like a crazy idea to some people to buy a latest leather jacket and subsequently treat it to craft it seem to be like old and worn out, but subsequently, that is the reasoning style is continually doomed with the label of being extremely unreasonable. Distressed leather is use to make a variety of attire like belts, overcoats, safety gloves and jackets. Outfits made up of worn out leathers are individual of tho
se styles which never get old and never ever appear to pass away. Most customers like to have such outfits more than those outfits which are made up of new ones. One can also make his very own distressed leather outfit; here we are going to show some steps in which way one can convert his new leather product into distressed one.

Things You Will Need:

  • Clean Rag
  • Water
  • Wire brush
  • Low grit sandpaper
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Empty spar bottles

Step 1: Filling the Empty Spray Bottles
Remember you have to be very careful while performing this task. The first thing you have to do is to fill your empty spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. You have to take necessary precautions while you are performing this task, there is no need to hurry to take your time. Leave your spray bottle to settle down the contents of a bottle for few minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Area Which Has to be Distressed
Now lay down your leather jacket on a flat surface and use the spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol and spray on the area of your leather jacket which you wish to distress. Make sure the specific area is well saturated with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Using the Wire Brush
Now take the wire brush and with the assistance of the wire brush, mistreat the area where you have sprayed the rubbing alcohol, start by rubbing the area gradually and slowly increasing to create a naturally distressed look. You have to be very careful while doing this otherwise you will wear out the leather, so you have to distress with patience. This step will allow the leather to be loosened for further distressing.

Step 4: Sanding the Leather Jacket
Use the low-grit sandpaper and rub it over the selected area to create a further distressed look. This will make the leather smoother. Start slowly and gradually, use the same method as before. The worked area will look lighter than the rest of the jacket, once the leather dries.

Step 5: Repeat the Process
Repeat this process on all of the areas you wish to distress. Do not forget to observe your work otherwise; your leather will be worn out. Remember to make a practical distressed look otherwise; it will look unnatural and unbalanced. Do not forget work on crucial areas to distress like a front, elbow, collar, sides and back area; try to be more accurate as possible since you cannot undo your work if you make any mistake.

Step 6: Cleaning the Leather Jacket
This is the last step of a distressing leather jacket, and this step will also reveal all of your work. Fill the empty spray bottle with water and spray it on one of the distressed parts and clean it off with a clean rag. Repeat this process again and again until you have cleaned your leather jacket properly. If you want a more distressed look to repeat all of the steps from beginning till end. This would be the second treatment so remember to go slower this time.

With some endurance and fancy, you can create a naturally distressed look to your leather jacket. Remember creating a distressed look for your leather jacket is not that difficult, all this required is little patience.

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Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

The leather jacket can add sparkle if worn with right accessories and clothing. Select the accurate nature of leather jacket for the fashion you are trying to accomplish. Then add appropriate accessories and clothing some to finish off your look.

Jacket Style

Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets are the good choice if you are wearing a jacket in winter. Bomber jackets have a soft liner inside a waist. They are likely to be the warmest range of leather jackets. Go for a bomber jacket if are wearing a leather jacket in winter.

Motorcycle Jacket
Choose for a motorcycle jacket if you desire somewhat a minor bolder. Motorcycle jackets have a flared collar, long lapels, and a fastener that run at an angle. A motorcycle jacket tends to have a bolder look as it’s linked with motorcycle riders.

Racer Jacket
Cafe Racer jacket is the very cozy jacket with a tiny or not at all. If you want a leather jacket that’s not just brown or black in color go for a cafe racer jacket since they have a propensity to come in the variety of colors. A slim-fitted jacket racer jacket will work great as they tend to fit tightly to your body more.

Cattleman Jacket
Cattleman leather jackets have flared sleeves and elongate to the thighs. They are usually linked with ranchers or farmers, if you are going for a rural style, blue collar, choose for a cattleman jacket.

Duster Jacket
A leather jacket that stretches down past the knees go for duster leather jackets since they are longer than others and great choice, It can make an evident and very bold look. Duster leather jackets also work well if you are taller.

Choosing Corresponding Clothing

Slimming Pants
Leather jackets go best with slim fitting pants as leather jackets are huge. Go for stuff like jeans that are fitted or skinny jeans, baggie jeans will not come across excellent with a leather jacket. Wear a pair of thin jeans with the bomber jacket. With a black or brown jacket, add a dash of color with bright colored slim-fitted pants.

Colors that Match Your Jacket’s Style
If you are wearing black or brown leather jacket, the unbiased color will do with most shades. But you can wear an array of special colors with black or brown jacket. More vivid leather jacket, like motorcycle jackets, look most excellent with undemanding colors shirts as the jackets are the major appeal of the look. And if you are wearing bright color racer jacket, make certain any supplementary shades you wear matches.

Formal Attire
The jacket can make a great fashion accessory for a skirt or lean dress. The jackets do not have to wear with informal clothing. For more official occasion wear a leather jacket with dress pants and dress shirts. A shorter jacket can look great with skirt and blouse. A leather jacket can look grand with a decorative dress, as its solid color. Try to drape a jacket unbutton above a dress with an ambiguous pattern. On a button-down worktop, a black or brown leather jacket can be worn.

Formal Occasions
Instead of wearing a blazer for a more formal occasion try wearing a leather jacket. In place of conventional blazer toss a shorter jacket on over a sleeveless top.

Adding Accessories

Footwear That Matches Jacket Color
You can also wear better black boots with a leather jacket, particularly when worn over skinny pant legs. You can wear easy flats or desert boots with a leather jacket. Leather jackets can match up well with a selection of footwear.

For Belt Keep Length in Mind
Habitually, when you fasten up your leather jacket a belt ought to be noticeable. Choose a jacket that falls on top of the waist and that’s on the shorter side if you chose to wear a belt. It’s best to overlook a belt if you are wearing a longer jacket.

Wear Baseball Cap
Baseball cap looks great with a t-shirt that you wear the leather jacket. Try to wear a baseball cap with the leather jacket for sportier leather jacket look; this works best for more casual occasions.