Dishonored Corvo Attano Trench Coat

Dishonored Corvo Attano Trench Coat

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  • Shoulder Epaulets
  • Vintage Black Color
  • Hoodie Attached Collar
  • Genuine Leather Material
  • Belted strapped cuffs Long Sleeves
  • Silver Stripe Designing on Entire Attire

Corvo Attano Cosplay Dishonored Leather Trench Coat

Dishonored is a 3-dimension graphic game that was in release in the USA and it has a wearable used in it namely Dishonored Corvo Attano Trench Coat. This item is the right choice to wear as a replica for use in the younger generation in daily as well as formal use. This coat has shoulder epaulets which pad the person wearing it to stay safe from outside interference and give the coat extra looks. The belted strapped cuffs long sleeves are an addition to the arm region and are the main parts of the coat for regular use. The item is made of genuine leather material and it is the mark of quality material that this coat make has. Hoodie attachment is with the collar or neck region to make the item the best one to use. This item has silver stripe designing on the entire attire which is the ideal and consistent item in the collection. This coat comes in black color and it gives the costume the importance it needs to get.


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Leather, PU Leather


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