Don Cheadle Traitor Leather Jacket

Don Cheadle Traitor Leather Jacket

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  • Real Leather
  • Viscose Lining
  • Standard Collar
  • Front Zip Closure
  • Brown Color

Traitor Samir Horn Brown Leather Jacket

The Traitor is a biographical drama film that was in a release on January 31, 2020, and was a top-ranked movie in the industry at that time. The jacket that was worn by Don in the movie is the Don Cheadle Traitor Leather Jacket which shows this character as the ideal one and normally portrays the movie as a hit. There are several options that will necessarily be added to the costume to make it good for casual use. This jacket is made of real leather and genuine material that makes it a suitable and worth trying the item for wear. The costume is made of viscose lining which is the reason why this jacket stays extra warm in winter. The item has a standard collar which is on the neck side showing that this jacket is worth using and it is in the latest fashion. The item has a front zipper for closing and keeping the cold air out and warmth inside. This jacket is unique because it is brown in color and has ideal looks that any normal costume has.


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