Karen Gillan Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Leather Jacket

Karen Gillan Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Leather Jacket

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  • Inspired from: Movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2”
  • Worn by: Karen Gillan
  • Material: Pure real leather
  • Inside layer: Rayon lining
  • Color: Sizzling maroon
  • Front: Buttoned closure
  • Epaulets: Shoulder epaulets
  • Designing: Piping and pads
  • Sleeves: Full length, fitting
  • Collar: Stand up collar style
  • Stitching: Fine and neat
  • Cuffs: Armored padded cuffs

Nebula Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Maroon Jacket

The presented Guardian Of The Galaxy Nebula Jacket is an impersonation of the jacket that Nebula wore in GOTG Vol. 2. In the movie, Nebula is the sister of Gamora whom Thanos has adopted. When Guardian meets Sovereign, Ayesha asks Guardians to protect the batteries in exchange for Nebula. Further, Nebula aids Taserface to rebel against Yondu. Nebula then leaves the ship to and travels to Ego to kill Gamora for all the torture that Thanos did on her. Gamora and Nebula then unite after they learn about the real purpose of Ego and reunites with Guardian. In the end, Nebula goes on her journey to kill Thanos. Karen Gillan performed the role of Nebula.

This Karen Gillan Leather Jacket is a formulation of original leather consisting of comfy inner lining to make you comfortable. Its specifications feature an erected collar, epaulets on shoulders, padded cuffs, and front button closure; moreover, two outside pockets on the waist are also available.


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