Legends Of Tomorrow Dr. Mid-Nite Vest

Legends Of Tomorrow Dr. Mid-Nite Vest

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  • External: PU Leather
  • Inside: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Marroon
  • Closure: Belted Hook Closure
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
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Kwesi Ameyaw Legends Of Tomorrow Leather Vest

The presented Dr. Mid-Nite Leather Vest is a replica of the jacket that Dr. Mid-Nite wore in Legends Of Tomorrow. Dr. Mid-Nite appeared in season 2 of Legends Of tomorrow as a member of the Justice Society Of America when they interrupted the Legends and started a fight. Dr. Mid-Nite is a meta-human who can see in the dark, but he becomes permanently blind in the light. When Rip Hunter recruited the JSA on a mission to Leipzig to discover the Spear Of Destiny, Charles took a piece of Spear and traveled in the future to the year 3000 where he hid the piece in himself and became a researcher on the cybernetic implant. He also cured his blindness with his research; however, Rip Hunter killed him to obtain the piece. Kwesi Ameyaw portrayed the role of Dr. Mid-Nite.

This Legends Of Tomorrow Dr. Mid-Nite Vest is a production of the best-quality PU leather and has a viscose lining which is stitched inside to make it soothing. Its aspects involve belted hook closure and two inside pockets.


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