Things You Need to Know About Cyber Limbs

These are the future prosthetic… Cyber limbs are cybernetic arms and legs with additional built-in features and can also be designed to boosted strength and speed, using synthetic muscle fibers and chip ware in UK.



Standard Hand: This is default normal hand a resemblance of normal human hand, having four fingers and a thumb. The hand here is chromed, covered or armored as part of the arm.

Ripper Hand: Normal hand with mounted ripper blades on the upper and wrist area. Making you a melee warrior.

Hammer Hand: Lets put on some Titanium… Made from hardened titanium and having an explosive shell driven ram that acts like a jackhammer. When you punch using the Hammer Hand, a shell goes off driving your fist with an incredible velocity and power, causing 1D10 damage to its victim. OUCH…

Buzz Hand:  The high speed metal chucker that can shears through most materials like a hot knife through butter. Cable of inflicting Damage upto 2D6+2, when coupled with soft armors it reduces 2 pts/hit.

NOTE: Buzz hand can be drawn back to reveal its wires that are spinning around a titanium base.

Tool Hand: A very useful modification for “Techies”…

The four fingers of this Hand modification, conceal some very useful Micro-tools:

  • A screwdriver with changeable heads
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A soldiering iron
  • An adjustable socket wrench

The lower edge of the palm is hardened to make a dandy hammer.

Grapple Hand: Perfect for hanging on to thing… It has ringers that extend backwards to create a hand throwing grapple. Ranging 30 meters with a super strong line that can support upto 200 lbs.

Extension Hand: Grow another Hand with this modification. Able to support up to 200 lbs and extends from the wrist mount up to 1 meter.

Spike Hand: This hand modification is effective for hand-to-hand combat, it contains a titanium spike which extends from the wrist and the lower side of the palm. Capable of inflicting Damage upto 1D6+3 AP.

NOTE: Spike hand can be added with Poison effect and is also a helpful climbing aid.

Modular Hand: Best ever modification which contains:

  1. Drug injector
  2. 1-meter garrote line extending out of fingertip
  3. 1-inch monomolecular blade for cutting
  4. Lock-pick
  5. Palm Storage Space (2″x2″)


Talon Foot: This foot modification extends small blades that can cause 1D6 damage to its victim.

NOTE: It is advisable to use it as an Edged weapon for AP damage purposes.

Tool Foot: Similar to the “Tool Hand” modification, the toes of Tool Foot contains

  1. A screwdriver with changeable heads,
  2. An adjustable wrench,
  3. A battery-powered soldering iron,
  4. An adjustable socket wrench,
  5. A wired saw blade.

Web Foot: The Web Foot Modification extends thin webs from either side of the foot, as well as webs between toes providing a combination of Flipper like support. This modification Doubles your normal swimming speed and adds +3 to your Swimming skills.

Grip Foot: If you face a situation in which you are required to hang upside down, the Grip foot will help with its Toes that can extend and curl around a 2″ bar. This modification adds +2 to your Climbing skills.

Spike Heel: 6″ hardened titanium spike extends from the heel of this modification. It allows you to unleash deadly rear kicks that can inflict tremendous damage up to 2D6 AP.

NOTE : A spiked heel modification can also be used for anchoring or climbing.


CyberLimbs are also used in providing futuristic fashion to your character in Cyberpunk jacket 2077. Other than your normal game clothes fashion like Jackets, Trousers and shoes, another form of fashion called “Exotics” that changes your physical appearance to an animal type or something that appears alien in nature. It includes tails, furred skins, hooves, animal-like faces and ears, cats’ eyes and other semi-human features to give you that semi-human look of your choice.

Getting an Exotic fashion can be incredibly expensive and time consuming. This cybernetic modification is usually a hobby of very rich players who are bored wearing basic and easily available attire, jackets, pants etc.

NOTE: The price of an Exotic modification is based on the individual enhancements.

Tails: Artificially created tails using gene bank tissue. These tails can be tinted, furred, scaled or even bare skinned. A tail modification is grafted to the base of the spine and is linked by nano tech to the nervous system.

COST: 3,000 eb

Skins: Skin modification in cyberpunk 2077 uses animal DNA transformation to change the structure of your character’s skin. The grafted skin can be induced to grow patterned fur, glow in the dark, scales, or generate exotic skin colors. You can wear clothes on them like jacket or pants.

COST: 10,000 eb

NOTE: 10% chances of grafting failure, leading your character into having a Skin cancer as a side effect.

Hooves: You can also get modified with Hooves, claws and paws which are to replace your character’s normal hands and feet.

COST: 8,000 eb

Face: Facial modifications such as animal-like ears, cat eyes, muzzles, whiskers and manes can be coupled with your character’s normal facial features.

COST: 5,000 eb