DIY Costume Guide Of Maverick Mitchell

We all have witness Comic-Con once in our life or have heard about it. In Comic-Con people dress as their favorite characters like Spiderman, Iron-Man, Batman, Aquaman and many more but what of those people who don’t like to be a superhero what did they do?  The answer is very simple they dress like their favorite characters of Hollywood films and Tv-series like John Wick, Dean Winchester, and Negan, etc. So it’s not necessary to like a superhero to participate in Comic-Con.
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In Today’s Blog we will talk about Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell (Tom Cruise) a brave soldier to fight for his country be patriotic this year to dress like Maverick Mitchell requires few simple and easy steps. In today’s guide, we will help our reader to DIY your own Maverick Top Gun Costume.

Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell Costumes Require.

  1. Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket
  2. Plain White Crewneck T-shirt
  3. Blue Denim Jeans
  4. Brown Boots for Men
  5. Ray-Ban Aviator Glasses
  6. Stainless Steel Chain

So let’s start with DIY.

  1. Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket:

The Top Gun leather jacket is one of the main element in completing your Maverick Costume. This leather jacket is available on the leather with screen accurate color and genuine leather quality in the best reasonable price. The men’s brown leather jacket contains attractive patches and genuine shearling collar this jacket is available in different colors on many websites but I want to let our readers know that the actual jacket worn by Tom Cruise is in Brown Color.


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  1. Plain White Crewneck T-Shirt:

Beneath the Jacket, you will have to wear a simple plain white crewneck (round-collar) T-shirt to give your jacket an attractive look. The above-mentioned t-shirt is available to its buyers in an attractive price with 100% cotton quality so that you can feel comfortable while cosplaying.

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  1. Denim Blue Jeans:

A nice plain denim blue jeans go great with your top gun jacket and in the movie trailer, Tom Cruise has been seen wearing the same jeans these denim jeans is very comfortable in wearing plus you can also use these jeans with your casual attire too in parties and meet-ups.


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  1. Brown Boots:

This Brown boots for men are also the main part of your Maverick attire because any attire is not complete until you are not dressed as same as your character from head to toe so as per the costume requirement you will have to wear boots like this so that you can look alike Pete Maverick. You can also wear these boots with your formal dressings too to look handsome and dashing.

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  1. Aviator Glasses and Stainless Steel Chain:

Now comes the cherry on the top since you have gather all the attire required to be like Tom Cruise in Top Gun but to be perfectly look alike Maverick the last two things you will require is an aviator glasses and a stainless steel chain which pilots usually do wear both the things can be found on internet in great prices we have shared one for you guys in the link above.

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Now, you are all set to go out and participate in Comic-Con as Lt.Pete Maverick Mitchell and the total costing you will need to DIY your attire will cost you around $350 – $400 this marks us to the end of this blog hope you like our DIY you can reach us regarding any of your queries anytime we are always here for you.