Leather jackets are classic American-style work that is back in fashion for young people. Men’s leather coats are an important statement. So be sure to find out the latest trend before you buy your first jacket. Buying the first formal leather jacket for men is a milestone in life.

A white leather jacket for men is the unique jacket you can wear. This indispensable top layer should become a must in your daily wardrobe. Men of all ages can wear leather jackets.

Bomber Jackets

The bomber style originated from the pilots of the First and Second World War. They are as protective as a motorcycle jacket and keep you warm. At the same time, they are thin enough to allow relatively free movement. Bombers are simple in style and usually have no pockets or buttons. They have elastic collars and cuffs to prevent cold air from entering. Because of their basic design, they are suitable for use with many different looks and matching garments. Bombers are available in brown and black. This is a classic leather jacket for almost everyone. Modern bombers, also known as flight jackets, are an ode to the primitive style that was designed to accommodate military pilots during World War II. It exudes masculinity, looks great in most wardrobes and can be flexible between casual and formal occasions. The bomber jacket can be very warm, so there may not be many things underneath. They are available in different colors, mainly black and brown tones.

Trends of leather jackets 2020



Field Jackets

The field jacket is designed for hiking and outdoor activities in possibly cold weather. It’s longer and thicker than previous designs and usually has multiple buckle pockets. The field jacket can have a medium-high collar to protect against wind. Although motorcycle and bomber jackets are usually fashionable, field jackets are more practical and professional. The length and weight make it comfortable outdoors. This jacket is most often brown.

Racer Leather Jackets

The racing jacket is a direct descendant of the bomber. World War II pilots converted it into a post-war motorcycle race. Compared to the bomber, its shoulders are clearer and its elasticity is reduced to the collar and cuffs. The shape of the racing driver is simple and robust and can be combined with simple clothing such as simple white T-shirts and jeans. Racers come in black and brown.

Trends of leather jackets 2020

How should it fit?

A leather jacket should be comfortable to wear. The fit should be a bit narrow, but not too tight. An oversized leather jacket may feel more comfortable, oversized leather jackets are cheap and flattering on almost all body types.

Color fashions in 2020

With the smooth course of autumn and the arrival of winter, this is the official season for leather jackets. As every year, leather jackets are among the most popular autumn-winter essentials. There are so many colors in the leather jacket. The white leather jacket looks unique and different. Black and brown leather jackets are common these days. Try a white leather jacket for a casual and formal look!

How to design a leather jackets: three styles in everyday life

Casual and cool – combine a moto jacket with narrow, slightly washed-out jeans. This exudes the relaxed, cool atmosphere of a leather jacket, but still looks like you want to change in the morning.

Real work – Wear a leather jacket in the office every day, depending on where you work. The smooth leather blazer will envy your colleagues. Put on tight pants to get to work.

Weekend Resonance – Get ready to wear a motorcycle jacket and have fun on the weekend. Make sure you always look good.

Although the material says a lot about the jacket, you need to check it to really assess the quality. See how robust the liner is because repairs to cracks are expensive.

Check all metal parts, including zips, buttons, and buckles. A good leather jacket uses high-quality hardware. Low-quality brands will cut corners in this area to save money. The hardware should be secure and the zipper should snap into place. Make sure you also check the zipper brand.

The advantage of a leather jacket is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, proper maintenance of your jacket will last a lifetime. Two things that should be avoided in leather jackets are moisture and heat. Leather can handle light rain or heavy snow but must be dried afterward.

The last thing to think about is when you plan to wear this leather jacket. If you live a relatively “low impact” life, you can basically choose any type of leather without having to consider the toughness of the leather. If you want protection from a leather jacket that falls off while riding a motorcycle, you need to make a piece of more durable leather.

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